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"Gone" the highly anticipated new CD from singer/songwriter, stories of life and love

chris gill let my soul shine

My wonderful musical friends and fans,

I am so thankful for all of you. You play a very important part in inspiring my songwriting and music. Your friendship and consistent support means more to me than I can ever express in words. I have gone through many highs and lows in recent years and you have encouraged me in the low times and cheered in the highs.

My music reflects my life and my “NEW” song "Let My Soul Shine" comes from my passion for life and the people who have stood by me.

I do need some help and SUPPORT in getting my song played on the radio, the stations now have my song and you can help by requesting it at your favorite Radio stations. YOU can Call or email your local stations and ask them to play “Let My Soul Shine” by Chris Gill. The more people I have doing this the better my chances of radio play And success for not only me but for ALL my Supporting Fans also!!

SO...From the bottom of my heart... this grateful "Soul" thanks all of you and for your support. May you have a great summer, and listen to my words Let My Soul Shine and I encourage you to apply them to your own summer adventures. Thanks again, in Advance for helping me “SHARE” my MUSIC with the World who Appreciates it !!! Hope you will ALL “SHARE” with YOUR friends.

You can purchase this song through the following links: iTunes, CDBaby

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